Title: RFR Holding Looks to Sell Iconic Gramercy Park Property as Tenant Departs

RFR Holding, the real estate firm led by Aby Rosen, is planning to sell its office building located at 281 Park Avenue South in Gramercy Park. According to reports, the sole tenant of the property, Fotografiska, will be vacating the premises.

The 45,000-square-foot property has a rich history, originally built as a church in 1894. RFR Holding acquired the building from the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies for $50 million back in 2014. Despite its historical significance, finding a suitable tenant for the expansive space proved to be challenging for RFR Holding.

In 2017, Fotografiska, a prominent Swedish contemporary photography center, signed a lease for the entire building. However, the center, along with its popular restaurant and lounge, is now preparing to move to a new location. The museum’s latest exhibition, Verōnika, and its associated Chapel Bar are expected to close next month. Meanwhile, Fotografiska itself will relocate to an undisclosed spot by the end of September.

While it remains uncertain how much RFR Holding is asking for the property, they are open to selling it outright or leasing it to another interested party. It’s worth noting that in 2022, the firm sought $135 million for the landmarked property, which equated to an astonishing $3,000 per square foot.

This new development prompts RFR Holding, along with its partner Michael Fuchs, to select a different agent to market the property. The firm’s previous attempt to sell the property was handled by Oren and Tal Alexander, who had recently departed Douglas Elliman to establish their Side-backed Official venture.

Although the building’s notoriety is somewhat tied to the sensational case of Anna Sorokin, also known as Anna Delvey, who posed as a wealthy heiress, it holds great potential for a future tenant seeking a prime location in Gramercy Park. As RFR Holding looks for prospective buyers or lessees, the focus will be on the property’s historical significance and its potential as a prestigious office space in New York City.

RFRホールディングは、Aby Rosenが率いる不動産会社で、グラマーシーパークに位置するオフィスビルである281 Park Avenue Southを売却する計画を立てています。報道によれば、同物件の唯一のテナントであるFotografiskaは、引き払う予定です。