Socialist Candidate in Brooklyn Lives in Luxury Condo Despite Anti-Subsidy Stance

Eon Huntley, a candidate for State Assembly in Brooklyn who is supported by the Democratic Socialists of America, has found himself in a controversy. Despite his regular criticism of real estate subsidies, it has come to light that Huntley himself resides in a luxury condo built with the help of a controversial property tax exemption that he opposes. This revelation has raised questions about his integrity and the consistency of his beliefs.

Huntley, who is aiming to unseat Assemblywoman Stefani Zinerman in a June 25 Democratic primary, has been living in the condo for over a decade, according to public records. The building where he resides was constructed using the developer-friendly 421-A tax abatement, which exempts units from most property taxes for a long period of time. Advocates for affordable housing, including Huntley himself, have criticized this subsidy for its favoritism towards wealthy developers.

In response to a questionnaire, when asked if he supports the 421-A tax abatement, Huntley responded with a firm “no.” His public statements have shown a strong alignment with socialist principles and a desire to combat the influence of real estate money on local communities.

However, critics have accused Huntley of being inconsistent and have labeled him a carpetbagger due to his socialist leanings. Some locals believe that the Democratic Socialists of America do not truly represent the middle-class residents of the district, who feel ignored by their policies and instead believe they cater to gentrifiers.

The revelation of Huntley’s living situation, despite his opposition to the very subsidies that made it possible, has sparked a debate about his credibility and raised concerns about his ability to effectively represent the interests of the district. Whether this controversy will significantly impact his chances in the primary remains to be seen.