Seniors in Philadelphia Face Uncertainty as Brith Sholom House Faces Potential Closure

Jennifer Schumann moved her mother to Brith Sholom House in Wynnefield Heights two years ago, hoping for a better living situation for her. Unfortunately, things have taken a turn for the worse. The apartment building is facing potential closure due to past due bills and open code violations. As a result, Schumann is now desperately searching for a new place for her 72-year-old mother.

Brith Sholom House, a 360-unit tower, is currently at risk of having its gas service shut off due to over $96,000 in unpaid bills. If this happens, the building may be deemed “uninhabitable.” This adds to the urgency for Schumann to find an affordable unit for her mother, leading her to consider even searching as far as Hershey.

The situation at Brith Sholom House highlights the affordable housing crisis in Philadelphia, particularly for low-income seniors. If the building closes, more than 150 seniors will be displaced and left without suitable housing options. Philadelphia’s supply of affordable senior housing is already limited, making this situation even more concerning.

The tenant council of Brith Sholom House is fighting against the potential closure, as residents believe that the building can be restored to its former livable conditions. Attorney Madison Gray, from the Public Interest Law Center, is representing the tenant council in their efforts.

As the future of Brith Sholom House remains uncertain, it underscores the need for more affordable senior housing options in Philadelphia. The city must work towards finding solutions to ensure that its aging population has access to safe and suitable living environments.







– 開放コード違反(open code violations):建物の安全や衛生に関わる建築基準や法令に違反している状態のこと。


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