Kristin Cavallari Lists Renovated Nashville Home for $11 Million

Kristin Cavallari, the reality star and former cast member of “The Hills,” is looking to start fresh by selling her luxurious farmhouse in Franklin, Tennessee. After purchasing the property for over $3 million following her split from ex-husband Jay Cutler in 2020, Cavallari hopes to make a substantial profit with the current listing price of $11 million.

The stunning estate spans over 6,799 square feet and sits on 28 acres of land, providing ample space and privacy for potential buyers. In addition to the main house, the property also includes a guest house, showcasing Cavallari’s meticulous attention to detail and design.

Cavallari’s efforts to transform the residence are evident throughout. In a feature with My Domaine in 2022, she revealed that the house underwent a remarkable 18-month-long renovation after she moved in. From completely gutting the kitchen to revamping the bathrooms and expanding her closet, Cavallari spared no expense in creating her dream home.

The result is a truly remarkable space. The kitchen showcases state-of-the-art appliances and a well-appointed walk-in pantry, while the basement has been transformed into a wellness retreat, complete with a fully-equipped workout facility and sauna. It’s clear that Cavallari’s vision and hard work have paid off, elevating the property to a whole new level of luxury.

With its stunning design, ample living space, and expansive land, Cavallari’s Nashville home presents a unique opportunity for those seeking a high-end retreat. As she takes steps towards a fresh start, interested buyers will have the chance to acquire a truly remarkable property with exceptional value.

Kristin Cavallari, リアリティスターであり、元「The Hills」のキャストメンバーである彼女は、テネシー州フランクリンの彼女の豪華な農家を売却しようとしています。2020年に元夫のジェイ・カトラーと別れた後、300万ドル以上でこの物件を購入した際、カバラリは現在の販売価格1100万ドルで相当な利益を得ることを望んでいます。


カバラリによる住居の改装の努力は至るところに見られます。2022年のMy Domaineでのインタビューで、彼女は引っ越し後18ヶ月もの長い期間をかけて家を改装したことを明らかにしました。キッチンを完全に改装し、バスルームをリフォームし、クローゼットを拡張するなど、カバラリは夢の家を作るためにどんな費用も惜しまなかったのです。